Business Plan

$1 / employee incl. $50 monthly fee

  • 24/7 support
  • 50GB Data Storage
  • Auto updates
  • Performance management
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How the free trial works?

    In the trial period you have got free access to all Leaverz features and all modules.

    • 14 days free trial period
    • No credit card required and you won’t be charged at the end of trial
    • All the data you add to the system will remain after turning on the paid subscription
    • You can cancel the trial at any time
  • Do I need to additionally pay for Admin or Manager or archived user?

    Accountant and Manager is also counted as a regular user. The pricing depends on the number of all users. After adding users to Leaverz you can assign them to different roles depending on your needs. If someone leaves your organization then you can archive them so they no longer have access but you can still access their data. We don’t charge for archived employees, only those currently in your employment.

  • Do we have to sign a long-term contract?

    Absolutely not, contract depends on the subscription period. You can simply pay on a monthly, 3-month or yearly basis. You can cancel your account and take your data with you at any time without penalty. If you cancel in the middle of the subscription period, then the access to your account will be automatically disabled on the last day of paid license, but we do not provide any chargeback or refund.

  • Is the support included in my free trial?

    Yes. We not only help in the configuration and initial setup according to your absence policy, but also import the data of your users. Additionally we will answer all your questions during the free trial period.

  • Do you have an on-premise version of Leaverz?

    Yes. We offer cloud (SaaS) application, also we do
    offer Leaverz “on-premise”. You can contact us for more information.

  • Does the pricing include VAT?

    Prices on Leaverz website are provided without VAT. You need to pay the VAT in your country.